Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Split EP: Electric Horsemen / Count Von Count

A little while ago I posted the monstrous self titled Electric Horsemen EP and I really can't say why I haven't posted this one until now. This is a split between Electric Horsemen and fellow sludge giants Count Von Count - this EP plows through 4 rippingly painful tracks and matter what you fancy when it comes to sludge this EP is sure to satisfy, with Count Von Count serving up a painstaking, noisy, psychedelic take on the genre and Electric Horsemen tackling some really low-end, rippingly miserable, Crowbar-esque tracks. I honestly don't understand why this hasn't recieved more credit from the heavy music community becuase it's an amazing split that will bury you alive in sludge and leave you gasping for air. (Clearly I mean this as a good thing.)

1. Pharmboss (Count Von Count)
2. Prairie Witch (Electric Horsemen)
3. David Lynch Vs. M Night Shaymalan (Count Von Count)
4. End of Age (Electric Horsemen

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  1. both underrated bands, both unsigned, wtf....