Sunday, June 6, 2010

EP: Mark Lanegan Band - "Here Comes That Weird Chill"

That's right, I'm posting more Mark Lanegan material.

The "Here Comes That Weird Chill" EP is a release containing all the extras and oddities from the Mark Lanegan Band album "Bubblegum", and yet I almost enjoy this EP more than "Bubblegum" itself since it contains so many brilliantly haunting, forlorn, gospel laced tracks. Actually, this has everything from steady rolling, catchy songs to slow, painful ones that will tug at your heartstrings. The standout track on this EP for me is "Lexington Slow Down", which is heartbreaking, dark and one of my all time favorite Lanegan tracks. This also contains two versions of the track "Sleep With Me" and the famous "Methamphetamine Blues"...and if all that wasn't enough for you, this EP also features guest spots from the likes of Josh Homme, Chris Goss, Greg Dulli and Nick Oliveri. This is truly some dead slow rock and roll with that signature, deep Lanegan swing that we all love.

1. Methamphetamine Blues
2. On the Steps of the Cathedral
3. Clear Spot
4. Message to Mine
5. Lexington Slow Down
6. Skeletal History
7. Wish You Well
8. Sleep With Me
9. Sleep With Me/Version

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