Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EP: Night Horse - "Sympathy Ain't Free"

I have been waiting for this Night Horse EP for what seems like forever and so I'm really stoked that it's finally here. This was actually released for free today (as a promo) on the band's website, but since not everyone may be aware of it I'm uploading it here as well (or you can go to and sign up with your e-mail for a download link).

This EP is titled "Sympathy Ain't Free" and includes a ripping track called "Rollin' On" from their upcoming album as well as a couple of b-sides. In true Night Horse style, this vibes out a bit of Thin Lizzy, a bit of Led Zeppelin, and a lot of 70's rock n roll spirit. The first two tracks rage on with a steady rolling groove and finishes with an ethereal acoustic track called "Black Clouds". Night Horse's new album is called "Perdition Hymns" and will be released August 3rd on Tee Pee Records.

1. Rollin' On
2. Sympathy Ain't Free
3. Black Clounds (acoustic)

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