Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meet the New Guy Part II

Well, things just got a lot heavier around here. Why, you ask? We have a new contributor who (I apoligise in advance for this) puts the "ev" in "heavy music".... Evan!

...I see he already introduced himself but I feel it's only polite to welcome him in a fitting and slightly embarassing fashion since him and I have shared many conversations about heavy music, relentlessly made fun of the new Cathedral album, and have gotten ourselves worked up over dumb doom subgenres on more than one occasion. (I also posted his challenge to find something heavier than "Migration" by Buried At Sea a while ago and am still waiting for a worthy response... if there even is one.)

My point is, now you can also appreciate his music related ranting and raving as well, so get ready for some heavy-as-hell sludge, crushing doom, catchy metal jams and enjoyable rambling. And if you're lucky he might let you take a look at his Times of Grace tattoo or tell you stories about floating along the astral planes.

That's all for now.

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