Thursday, August 26, 2010

Album: Walls - "S/T"

I can only ever think of a handful of bands that I would describe as truly unique, and Walls from Seattle are usually one of them. I hear Black Flag, Rorschach, Neurosis, and a bunch of noise rock that I can't really comment on. Pounding rhythms, dissonant riffs, and a terrifying vocalist all come together to create something really brutal and powerful. Drown yourself in loathing and negativity. It looks like Painkiller still has copies, so pick one up while you're at it. I'll try and get a better rip at some point too.

1. The Crawl
2. Calming Down
3. Just Pain
4. What I want
5. In The End
6. Same Guy, Same Story
7. Walls
8. Secret Rape
9. Consumed By Failure
10. Corpse

DL: "Walls"

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