Monday, August 9, 2010

Album: Deadbird - "Twilight Ritual"

Deadbird are a band from Fayetteville, Arkansas who feature members of Rwake, Benoint, and Deadeyejack. Funnily enough, this album strikes much more of a chord with me than those other bands. I've been hitting it pretty hard lately. It basically makes me think of what would happen if Crowbar decided to draw out their songs a bit more and focus on a linear, progressive song structure rather than the verse/chorus structure they usually stick to. Which means: Expect a lot of really great sludge riffs which can go from heavy as fuck, into that soul-crushing meolody and back again with ease. The vocalist even reminds me of Kirk Windstein quite a lot, which is no easy feat. If you're into sludge at all, you're bound to enjoy this. Reccomended. Purchase here from At A Loss records.

1. Into The Clearing
2. Death Of The Self
3. Rule Discordia
4. Feral Flame
5. The Riverbed
6. Twilight Ritual

DL: "Twilight Ritual"

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