Monday, August 9, 2010

News: Premiere of Soundgarden Track "Black Rain"

The recently reunited Soundgarden just premiered a new (old?) track called "Black Rain" from the Badmotorfinger-era sessions. This track was dug up by the band and reworked a bit, and apparantly Chris Cornell added new vocals in parts, etc.

Yes... this is the track that will appear on Guitar Hero. Yes... this is also the track that will appear on their new "greatest hits" album. But negative connotations aside, this is a really cool track (you can basically just expect something from Badmotorfinger) and the link below also includes a video of their Lollapalooza performance and some audio of the band talking about the reunion.

1 comment:

  1. This would have been great if they unearthed about 7 years ago or just after Audioslave broke up. Chris was in the pre-stages of embarrassing himself on Scream. Now I'm not so sure. New music will sound like with Timbaland coming in as co-producer? Kim will be flat when it comes to new ideas. I don't think the man has learned a thing after sitting on his ass for 12 years. Ben Shepherd will be writing up a storm. He needs royalties to even afford rent for an apartment, "couch surfing"..pshh