Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Album: Moss - "Sub Templum"

While we're in the territory, I couldn't help but post this. If you haven't heard it yet, well, where have you been??? If Monarch are one of the best bands playing this style of doom metal, Moss are simply the best. Everything I wrote below in my previous post applies here, but tenfold. The riffs are absolutely fucking massive, with distortion so dense that it's basically impossible not to feel crushed while listening to it. Recorded by Jus Osborne (Electric Wizard), this is one of the few recordings that I actually get some understanding of just how fucking loud the band is playing while I'm listening to it. This is definitely a close contender for heaviest record. If you like your metal to sound like a shifting tectonic plate, do not pass this up. Enter the abyss of filth and despair. Purchase from Rise Above.

"Sub Templum is underground worship. A dirge mass for the hidden spaces, for the altars untouched by man, for the foul cultures spawned and praised in long-petrified canyons. An esoteric system alive to the reality of its own futility, a process of spiritual trauma in four stages."

1. Ritus
2. Subterraen
3. Dragged To The Roots
4. Gate III: Devils From The Outer Dark

DL: "Sub Templum"

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