Thursday, August 5, 2010

EP: Screaming Trees - "Change Has Come"

Here's really important (and hard to come by) Screaming Trees EP that was released on Sub Pop before they became a major label band. This EP is titled "Change Has Come" and embodies everything there is to love about the Screaming Trees. I mean, is there anything I can say about this band that I haven't said before? And are my huge amounts of Screaming Trees related posts getting old? ...Will I ever be able to stop?

1. Change Has Come
2. Days
3. Flashes
4. Time Speaks Her Golden Tongue
5. I've Seen You Before


  1. THIS is my favourite Screaming Trees record. Thnaks for posting, I only have it on vinyl!!

  2. You should post the "Something About Today" vinyl Ep next ;)

  3. I can, and will, do this! Give me a day or 2 and it'll be up.

  4. Thanks...been looking for this for awhile!