Sunday, August 8, 2010

Album: Gozu - "Locust Season"

Here's an album that has been on heavy rotation for me lately - the incredible latest effort from Gozu called "Locust Season". This 9 track rager was recently released on Small Stone records, and if you aren't familiar with this band you can really just expect some innovative, rifftastic rock n roll with a heavy Queens of the Stone Age vibe. All in all this is just a really fun album with a dark edge. So listen, enjoy, and for god sake's.... support Small Stone! (You can order "Locust Season" here, as well as some nice Gozu merch and that mammoth Black Sleep of Kali release. Just saying.)

1. Meth Cowboy
2. Mr. Riddle
3. Regal Beagle
4. Kam Fong and Chin Ho
5. Jan-Michael Vincent
6. Jamacian Luau
7. Rise Up
8. Meat Charger
9. Alone

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