Sunday, October 11, 2009

14" of Melvins

released 1990

released 1992

and yes...this is as dirty as it sounds

what you get here are 2 7"

and if you really need a description of who/what this melvins thing is...have you been in a coma?...been living in a bomb shelter? you not like music?

7" #1 is made up of 2 flipper covers ("love canal" and "someday")...the band was a duo on this played the guitar/bass/vocals...dale played the drums

7" #2 is made up of a different (longer) version of the song "night goat" from the HOUDINI album and a cover of the pussy galore jam "adolescent wet dream" shouldn't have even had to read all of this to make up your mind as to whether or not you were going to download these you even like music?

DL: love canal/someday 7"
DL: night goat/adolescent wet dream 7"

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