Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ritual Room Compilation #2 Thanksgiving Edition

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, so I thought I would compile some songs that are appropriate for the occasion. If you're from Canada, hopefully you're having a good long weekend. If you aren't then now your wildest dreams of celebrating Thanksgiving early can come true.. Minus the food.

Here you are:

1. Eat You Whole - Gas Huffer
2. The Man Who Drank Too Much - Cosmic Psychos
3. Home Sick Home - Faith No More
4. Buzzard Luck - Five Horse Johnson
5. Green Meat Stew - Alice Donut
6. Thanks - Scott Reeder
7. Ripping Chicken Meat - Melvins/Fantomas
8. Cooking With Gas - Tad
9. Mouthful - Gas Huffer
10. Turk - High on Fire
11. White Trash Party - Afghan Whigs
12. Drinking For Two - Mudhoney

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