Friday, October 2, 2009

Album: Soundgarden - Outshined 12" Promo

i wasn't actually able to find a cover for you get to gaze upon the boys circa 1991


remember when chris cornell has his handsome locks?...and his matinee idol good looks?

and then he went on to front the band audioslave?

it's always good to be able to listen to this and think back "ah...remember when..."

what you get here is a promo from the BADMOTORFINGER album that was released in australia back in 1991 (the b-side is a song called "cold bitch")

and now what you need to do is go ahead and listen to the above mentioned album...take it all in...from ben shepherd's plodding basslines to matt cameron's unpredictable drumming to the epitome of grunge guitar playing of kim thayil to the almost cock rock vocals of chris cornell


DL: outshined promo

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