Sunday, October 25, 2009

Live Recording: High on Fire - 10.16.07 - Showplace Theatre - Buffalo,NY

now...i really shouldn't have to go into who high on fire is

but for those of you that don't really know who/what high on fire is...let me give you a tiny timeline:

lead singer/guitarist matt pike formed this band after his previous band (this little band called sleep) split up back in 1998 (but reformed for a few shows over in england as part of the all tomorrow's parties festival back in may of this year...his other 2 bandmates went onto form the band om)...and then later on down the line took in former melvins' bassist joe preston for a short time

and that's all you really need to know

consider yourself schooled

so if you like any of the above mentioned bands...or that whole "stoner rock" thing...or sweaty bikers...

1 - intro
2 - fury whip
3 - waste of tiamat
4 - eyes and teeth
5 - cometh down hessian
6 - death is this communion
7 - speedwolf
8 - rumors of war
9 - the face of oblivion
10 - turk
11 - cyclopean scape
12 - baghdad
13 - devilution

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