Friday, October 30, 2009

Single: Sub Pop edition #7 Mudhoney / Sonic Youth - "Touch Me I'm Sick / Halloween"

This was the second single released for the singles club at Sub Pop. I wanted to post this as I was having a discussion about how awesome this is the other day and it's been on my mind. Plus, I guess its appropriate considering Halloween is tomorrow.

If you haven't heard it, the bands cover eachother's material and it sounds awesome. I think this is one of those singles that pretty much everyone will enjoy. Both bands add a personal flair to eachother's songs, but they're so well suited to play eachother's music that if you hadn't heard the originals first you would probably never guess they're covers. All in all this single is great - super dirty and fuzzed out.


1. Touch Me I'm Sick (Sonic Youth)

2. Halloween (Mudhoney)

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