Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tours: Mudhoney + the Jesus Lizard review

Well... i just got back from seeing the Jesus Lizard in Vancouver, BC. For anybody that has had the fortune of catching them on this tour, or anytime really - kudos to you. David Yow really still has it and the setlist was perfect. Seasick, 7 vs 8, Nub, Monkey Trick, Puss, Wheelchair Epidemic.... It was a crazy time and I didnt think it was possible but after seeing them I can say that I enjoy their music even more now.

I was struck with a wave of misfortune on the way back to Alberta, however. After getting bad directions, getting in a car accident and running out of gas my travel companions and I were stuck in the crazy metropolis that is McBride, BC for 3 days while waiting for car parts to be ready. Since there's really not much to do in that town we have done some major damage to ourselves and the motel room we stayed in for the past few days. I suppose all this is appropriate as a follow up to the Jesus Lizard.

Enough rambling though. I'm back and found some good news - Mudhoney is touring to Alberta! I'm definitly going to make both dates.

Here they are:

January 8th - Starlite Room Edmonton, AB
January 9th - the Warehouse Calgary, AB


  1. i'll ask the question everyone wants to:

    did you see any balls?

  2. unfortunatly/fortunatly there were no balls. I was expecting it to happen near the end but it was a no go.

  3. no tight and shiny?!


    clearly mr. yow was sober