Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Album: Winters "Black Clouds in Twin Galaxies" 2007

Winters is a really eclectic band. They're pretty Sabbathy but keep the influence to an enjoyable emulation rather than a rip off. Actually, it's difficult to put into words... I would describe their sound as a kind of wierd Nirvana-meets-the-Melvins mash-up with a spacey, other worldly atmosphere. Sound strange enough for you? Listen to it and you'll see what I mean.
On a side note - it's kind of funny; i've been noticing a new wave of heavy rock bands that are spacier and sludgier than the preceeding "stoner" wave of bands and generally put a focus on elements and nature rather than drugs and psychedelia: Dead Meadow, Smoke, Night Horse, Witch, Black Mountain... Winters... and there are many more. I guess this is how the genre is evolving? Maybe I'm just behind on this trend? Any thoughts?

2007, Rise Above

1. Fried

2. Aftershown

3. Oh No

4. Endless Flight

5. Life Was So Simple

6. Mark My Word

7. Two Wrongs Make A Right

8. Destroyer

9. No Will

10. Did Me In

11. Black Clouds in Twin Galaxies

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