Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Album: The Walkabouts - "New West Motel"

Okay, so this isn't going to be one of my common "this is so heavy it will crush your bones, steamroll your brain and bury you in sludge" kind of post, but "New West Motel" by the Walkabouts is just such an overlooked yet classic album that I had to post it.

This is very Neil Young-esque ("Like a Hurricane" is even covered), western, folky, experimental rock. This album was released in 1993 and is really steady and catchy, dark at times, and has everything from psychedelic keyboards to acoustic guitars to strings. It conjures images of roadtrips and driving down a dusty highway; in fact, its a great soundtrack for doing exactly that... or just sitting around with friends. Well it's a good album for any situation, really. Enjoy.

1. Jack Candy
2. Sundowner
3. Grand Theft Auto
4. Break it Down Gently
5. Your Hope Shines
6. Murdering Stone
7. Sweet Revenge
8. Glad Nation's Death Song
9. Long Time Here
10. Wondertown (part one)
11. Drag this River
12. Snake Mountain Blues
13. Findlay's Motel
14. Unholy Dreams

Bonus Vinyl-Only Tracks:
15. Yesterday is Here
16. Like a Hurricane
17. Prisoner of Texas



  1. this is a great record by a great band. totally agree that they are underrated. the next one (setting the woods on fire) is another must-have.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Some of the later Walkabouts albums are really good too, esp. "Nighttown" and "Ended up a Stranger" (but their last album, "Acetylene", was disappointing). There was a Walkabouts tribute album released last year that includes several covers of "New West Motel" songs: http://www.thewalkabouts.com/discgotno.htm