Thursday, December 10, 2009

Live Recording - Mr. Bungle - 11.26.96 - San Francisco,Ca

well...i've been away from the blog for awhile

and i'm going to assume that like folks enjoy a good bungling

this is inspired by cara's previous post

in my opinion...out of their 3 albums...i'd have to say that my favorites are SELF-TITLED and DISCO VOLANTE...but don't get me wrong...i do enjoy the CALIFORNIA album as well...but to's somewhat bland compared to the rest of their material

and when faith no more reunited (and it feels so good) and embarked on their THE SECOND COMING TOUR (the only north american dates taking place in mexico...though it's been said that more dates will take place in the future)...rumors were started that mr. bungle would be touring again as well (mostly started by me)...but honestly...i think mr. bungle did everything they could possibly do...and the next logical step in the bungle-esque direction was taken in the band fantomas

but i'm rambling

you folks want the musics

this was recorded while the band was touring behind the DISCO VOLANTE album

1 - the bends(aqua swing)
2 - the bends(panic in blue)
3 - ma meeshka mow skwoz
4 - the breeze and i*
5 - chemical marriage
6 - cold war**
7 - loss for words***
8 - the secret song
9 - begin the beguine
10 - my ass is on fire
11 - love in space^
12 - phlegmatics/you don't know what love is^^
13 - after school special
14 - carry stress in the jaw
15 - la lucertola$
16 - mesu%
17 - travolta (aka "quote unquote")
18 - where the action is@
19 - desert search for techno allah
20 - ei raat tomat amar+
21 - violenza domestica
22 - platypus
23 - muscoli de velluto$
24 - hick
25 - tower of strength>

*=ernesto lecuona
***=corrosion of conformity
^=peter thomas
^^=gene de paul
$=ennio morricone
%=mesaru satoh
@=freddy cannon
+=hemanta mukherjee
>=frankie vaughan


  1. wicked!

    I need to get back to SGM as well..

    I'm big on Disco Volante too, but California.. bland? I strongly disagree - that album was my Patton breakthrough! But lets not fight, at least not in front of the kids.

  2. i'm not saying it's a bad album...just compared to the other 2...

    and where's the fun in not fighting without the kids around? someone's gotta hold the camera,right?