Friday, December 4, 2009

News: New J Mascis Project called "Sweet Apple" Out This March

Hey ho, more J Mascis projects are on the go. His newest project is apparently called "Sweet Apple", and their album called "Love and Desperation in Cleveland in Massachusetts" will be released on Tee Pee on March 30, 2010. J Mascis will be drumming, singing and playing guitar in the band and you can listen to/download a track of theirs called "Do You Remember" and read more information about the project here:

Honestly, upon reading about this band I was initially expecting some kind of wicked Dinosaur Jr/Witch hybrid but "Do You Remember", although rockin', is a bit below my previous expectations. It seems a bit vanilla for J Mascis's repertoire of weird music. That being said, J Mascis rarely disappoints, so i anticipate that (hopefully) the rest of the album will be better.. but hey, take a listen and judge for yourself.

source: pitchfork

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