Saturday, December 12, 2009

News: Pierced Arrows - New Track, "Paranoia" Released, "Descending Shadows" Out February 2

Calling all Dead Moon fans... you need to hear this.

Pierced Arrows is essentially Dead Moon with a different drummer. As a big Dead Moon fan I'm really stoked on this project. The song they recently released is called "Paranoia" and is awesome, super Dead Moon-esque (obviously) rock n roll with a great buildup and badass lyrics. You can listen to "Paranoia" here:

Their newest album is called "Descending Shadows" and will be released on Vice Records on February 2nd. It's funny - Dead Moon is seemingly a really accessible band, but when i listen to them in my car I hear everything from my passengers (aka peanut gallery) from "wow! What is this?!" To... "This band sounds like AC/DC." ...I'm guessing the latter is just due to the vocals. The point is, i'm super glad Fred and Toody are still releasing material of this quality. I'll post more tracks from Pierced Arrows as they arise.


  1. it is not the debut album, they already have "Straight to the Heart". You should check before publishing.

  2. whoops - youre right. I thought this would be their first complete album but now realize I was mistaken. Thanks for the correction! I'll fix this asap.