Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Single: Sub Pop Edition #9 - Unnatural Helpers "Dirty, Dumb and Comical", "Connecting" / "Break That Horse", "Easy Way"

Well, like I promised, I'm going to continue uploading the newest Sub Pop singles. Initially i was going to upload them in the order I received them, but it proved to be too big a pain in the ass so it's going to be all out of order. (It's madness around here, i tell you.. Madness!)

But I digress.. here's the next single by Unnatural Helpers. The singles club this time around has definitely proven to be interesting as it's an eclectic mix of bands, many of which I hadn't previously heard. This single is all around an enjoyable listen, and proves to be angsty, spastic rock that is really groovy and honest.

1. Dirty, Dumb and Comical

2. Break That Horse

3. Easy Way

4. Broke

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