Thursday, December 3, 2009

Interview: King Buzzo on Soft Focus of ATP

Here's a really interesting video interview of Buzz Osborne from Soft Focus at ATP. I always enjoy watching/reading interviews with Buzz as he's consistently thought provoking and entertaining. This is a really good interview and at 24 + minutes it really feeds my rampant Melvins obsession.

Here it is:

The only experience I have with Buzz is when we met in Phoenix last August. I got a picture with him and we had a brief conversation where he mentioned not feeling very well and was clearly losing his voice. I told him to enjoy the rest of the tour, but maybe that was a wrong thing to say as they cancelled the rest of it after that date because he was so sick. Oh well - that was my first Melvins show and I'm happy I at least got to see them. But enough of my ranting and raving.

If you're a fan of the band you should definitely make the time to watch this. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Cara,
    Been liking the blog. Thanks! Maybe I'll see you at ATP next summer!
    I linked you to mine a while back. Would appreciate if you could do the same!
    Rich Trash

  2. I'll almost definitely be at ATP NYC so maybe you will! I'll make sure to link up your blog as well. Thanks.

  3. hey...did i ever tell you about the time i ran into the melvins at a truck stop in illinois?

  4. Hah! You certainly did, and i thoroughly enjoyed it.