Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Album: Bongzilla - "Gateway"

It finally feels like summer, so I'll refrain from posting something completely miserable. Instead, you get this Bongzilla record which used to get blasted a lot while cruising through the suburbs in the midsummer heat. I got pretty tired of generic marijuana-themed bands like this pretty quickly, but for some reason Bongzilla stuck around. For a band compromised of what I assume to be nothing but burnouts and stoners, there are a surprising amount of really good riffs here, along with some pretty cool structures. What I mean to say is, Bongzilla know how to write a seriously rocking song. The guitar tone is huge and fuzzed out, the vocals are piercing and brutal, drums do their job... this is just a satisfyingly heavy, and really fun piece of sludgy psychedelia. Get high on the riff.

1. Greenthumb
2. Stone A Pig
3. Sunnshine Green
4. 666lb. Bongsession
5. Trinity (Gigglebush)
6. Gateway
7. Keefmaster
8. Hashdealer

DL: "Gateway"

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