Wednesday, July 14, 2010

EP: Lubricated Goat - "Schadenfreude"

Here's more noise rock madness from the twisted and evil Aussie band Lubricated Goat. This is their follow up to "Paddock of Love", an EP titled "Schadenfreude". This EP is fully incredible and oozes with sinister groove, twisted sarcasm and probably the most "metal" instrumental style I've ever heard from the Goat. Actually, some of the riffing here recalls the Melvins (Stag era... maybe it's just that "The Bit"-esque riff at the beginning of "Melting."), although Lubricated Goat is a beast of it's own breed. So build a barricade, lock it all out, spit it out... SHUT YOUR MIND. (And listen to this EP. ...I'm so sorry for that.)

1. Shut Your Mind
2. Prayer For Blood
3. Magumbo Head
4. The Hunt Is Better Than The Kill
5. Toys
6. Melting


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