Monday, July 26, 2010

Album: Scott Kelly - "The Wake"

If you don't know who Scott Kelly is, what are you doing here??? Needless to say, this album is heavy. Maybe not in the way you're expecting though. Forget the loud guitars and booming tribal precussion that you might expect from the frontman of Neurosis, instead you'll find just a man and his acoustic guitar playing folk music. Nothing more, nothing less. The songs here are very dark and bare, not unlike recent Neurosis records where the space in between the notes is just as important as the notes themselves. Kelly's voice is deep, coarse and soulful, and along with his simplistic playing, he creates more atmosphere and shows more conviction than most artists could ever hope to. Desolate, barren, intimate. Lose yourself in The Wake. Read more and buy it here.

1. The Ladder In My Blood
2. Figures
3. Saturn's Eye
4. The Searcher
5. Catholic Blood
6. In My World
7. Remember Me

Download: "The Wake"

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