Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Album: Dead Meadow - "Howls From The Hills"

Why haven't I posted any Dead Meadow material here yet? Lord only knows since I'm really into this band and their style of chilled out, bluesy psych-rock. This is their 2001 album titled "Howls From the Hills" that, like most of their material, is dreamy and almost literally hypnotic but with a spacey, heavy edge to it that will shake you out of the trance it will almost inevitably put you in. This is just sleepy psychedelia at it's finest and I really can't uptalk the brilliant creativity and good vibes coming from this band enough.

In other Dead Meadow related news, (their vocalist) Jason Simon is releasing a solo album on Tee Pee Records this September.

1. Drifting Down Streams
2. Dusty Nothing
3. Jusiamere Farm
4. The White Worm
5. The One I Don't Know
6. Everything's Goin' On
7. One And Old
8. The Breeze Always Blows


  1. The perfect soundtrack for prescription drug consumption! Love me some Dead Meadow.