Friday, July 16, 2010

Album: Corrupted - "El Mundo Frio"

"El Mundo Frio" is absolutely massive (like, a single 71 minute compositon massive). Translating to "The Cold World", it conjures exactly those kinds of images and emotions. Corrupted are definitely not afraid not take their time, and each section of this peice is meticulously arranged to build-up slowly, and flow seamlessly into the next part. Nothing overstays it's welcome either. While this may sound somewhat commonplace these days, trust me, "El Mundo Frio" goes above and beyond all cliches. There is nothing else like this.

Expect to hear: Relaxing and melancholy ambience, building into clean guitar passages which don't feel like forced "post-rock" build-ups like everyone else started doing. Gruff and hoarse spoken word passages. Crushing sludge/doom metal riffs that plod along with earth-shaking force (file under: 2nd heaviest thing in the world). Harp (???!). More devastatingly heavy riffs. etc. etc. etc.

Honestly, anything I write about this masterpeice is going to be completely inadequate, so you should probably just hear it and let the music tell the story itself (But be patient!). The composition and the atmosphere it creates is profound, and incredibly moving.

This is music of the highest caliber.

DL: "El Mundo Frio"

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