Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Demo: Megaton Leviathan

Woah. I'd always hear about this band playing shows around the NW, but for some reason I never got around to checking them out. It wasn't until today when cruising through Scott Kelly's most recent Combat Music show that I actually heard them, and I was pleasantly surprised. Megaton Leviathan play really dreamy and hypnotic, ethereal and psychedelic, somewhat doomed out rock and I wasn't really expecting this at all. The closest thing I would compare this to is maybe Across Tundras, or a dreamier U.S. Christmas. I guess they're working on a full-length right now which will feature a couple songs from this demo, so look forward to that. I'll definitely have to pay more attention to them now. Vibe hard, enjoy and support!

1. Water, Wealth, Hell On Earth
2. Guns And LSD
3. Repeating Patterns of Love
4. Time Fades
5. Turlock

DL: "Megaton Leviathan demo"

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