Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Album: Men In Search Of The Perfect Weapon

Here is the only full length from this sadly defunct German band, released in 2004. Expect some heavy, heavy, heavy sludge metal. The songwriting on this album is top notch. When the riffs start moving into a bit more melodic direction isntead of simply pummeling you, they still manage to be equally as crushing, and I think that's is a pretty great quality. There are a lot of great riffs here. And while not entirely accurate, parts of this bring to mind "The Red Sea" era Isis, so that should get you in the ballpark of what you're getting yourself into. Sludge fans beware: Bangovers may occur.
Give it a shot.

1. Hatred
2. Spirit Disease
3. Downward Spiral
4. Saguaro
5. Fall For Your Creation
6. The Last Nail
7. Atacama Rain

Download: "S/T"

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