Sunday, July 18, 2010

Album: Icky Joey - "Pooh"

Here's something cool... the only full length released by Icky Joey -a side project of the legendary Ed Fotheringham (The Thrown Ups) and Jason Finn/Jason Tillman (both of Love Battery). David Lipe and David Rott are also included in this group, and this album is called "Pooh". This release basically gives you the psychedelic style of Love Battery combined with the gritty attitude of the Thrown Ups, with everything from lazy, angry tracks to frantic, punk-tinged ones. Even though this could easily be an AmRep release, Icky Joey were purely a C/Z band (the modest yet possibly most important label for alternative rock music of the 90s in terms of getting the ball rolling) and this was released in 1993 on the label. (Hey, Daniel!)

What you're pretty much getting from Icky Joey is a hefty dose of early 90s Seattle sound, a nice helping of noise rock and a generous sprinkling of wonderful wierdness. I would definitely consider this one a hidden gem since, after all, it's a supergroup consisting of members of bands that weren't that high profile to begin with.

1. Zara
2. I See You
3. You Are the World
4. Bone of Contention
5. Dog Lady
6. Fat
7. Burnout
8. Smokin' The Devil's Bud
9. Total Catharsis
10. Medusa Anus Eye
11. I'll Love You There
12. I'm Liberace Now
13. King of Pinch and Roll

**DL link taken down upon label's request. Buy this album on iTunes here or download the Marron, Marron EP on this blog if you like what you've read***

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