Thursday, July 29, 2010

Album: Examination Of The... - "The Whitest of Elephants"

While I'm talking about underrated records from 2003- 2004, I may as well post this too. What happens when a dirty, chaotic hardcore band from the early 2000's decides to slow things right down? "The Whitest of Elephants" happens. There's obviously a huge Neurosis influence here, but there are enough other influences present that allow the band to stand on their own. They simply take all the right cues and make them their own, resulting in something quite unique. The vocals are gruff and gnarly, the riffs are thick, heavy, and really creative, the atmosphere is dense and urgent... What more do you need? One of my favorite things on this record is actually the drumming though, which is just played with so much energy it's hard to ignore. Again, sludge fans, take note.

1. Kicking A Dead Horse Aside
2. To Anacreon In Heaven
3. Resurrecting Stones
4. The Whitest of Elephants

Download: "The Whitest of Elephants"

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