Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Album: Truly - "Fast Stories... From Kid Coma"

I seriously mashed this album for most of my shift at work today and so I now feel the need to share it with you. "Fast Stories... From Kid Coma" was Truly's first full length released in 1995... if you're new to Truly they were kind of a 90's supergroup containing Hiro Yamamoto of Soundgarden and Mark Pickerel of the Screaming Trees. (I'm continuing with the theme of my last post here). This album is psychedelic in a chilled out, alternative way and somehow manages to be both sleepy and angsty at the same time. There are also some surprisingly brutal, heavy parts which will definitely put a grin on your face if you aren't expecting them. And you usually won't.

1. Blue Flame Ford
2. Four Girls
3. If You Don't Let It Die
4. Hot Summer 1991
5. Blue Lights
6. Leslie's Coughing Up Blood
7. Hurricane Dance
8. Angelhead
9. Tragic Telepathic (Soul Slasher)
10. Virtually
11. So Strange
12. Strangling
13. Chlorine

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