Sunday, February 7, 2010

Split: Screaming Trees / Beat Happening

If you haven't heard this split, the Screaming Trees and Beat Happening play these songs together and it sounds awesome. These are two bands that one wouldn't usually associate too closely (other than the whole late 80s/90s Sub Pop thing) but they actually share a lot of the same influences and find a unique style as they come together in this split. There's something that strikes a perfect balance with both band's styles here - the tin-can drums, steadiness and childish qualities of Beat Happening melding with the psychedelic guitars and keyboards of the Screaming Trees. This was released in 1988. Listen and enjoy!

1. Sea Babies
2. Tales of Brave Aphrodite
3. Polly Perrequin
4. I Dig You

1 comment:

  1. not a "split", more of a dual composition. You can hear the members of both bands on the various tracks. Recorded in Ellensburg by Steve Fisk.