Saturday, February 13, 2010

Split: Sons of Otis / Queen Elephantine

I'm sure everybody knows of the crushing and spacey Sons of Otis - well here's their split with Queen Elephantine, a younger, lesser known group of a similar musical branch. The first two tracks on this split are by Sons of Otis and plod and drone through a thick wall of sludge and sonic psychedelia, and the Queen Elephantine track is a tribally heavy, epic finish to this other worldly experience. All in all this split is apocalyptic, chillingly psychedelic and crushingly medatative... a perfect soundtrack to make this depressing and chilling month called February even more depressing and chilling.

1. Tales of Otis (Sons of Otis)
2. Oxazjam (Sons of Otis)
3. The Battle of Massacoit / The Weapon of the King of Gods (Queen Elephantine)

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