Saturday, February 20, 2010

Live Recording: Nirvana - 1.23.93 - Hollywood Rock Festival - Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

today would've been kurt cobain's 43 birthday

so i'm going to share with you a little something to show my appreciation for the man and his music

in my opinion...nirvana always came off better in a live setting

and i'll admit that when the world was first going through the nirvana mania...i wasn't so impressed...the first time i saw the video for "smells like teen spirit" on the didn't leave any sort of impression on me (hell..what did i know...i was a shitty little metalhead back then)

i even passed up a chance to go and see nirvana during the NEVERMIND days (maybe i should've eaten a bullet for that...oh yeah...i went there)

but somewhere down the line...this dirty little caterpillar emerged from it's iron maiden (see what i did there?) and that stuff called grunge washed over me (luckily...i didn't really need to change the way i dressed for that business)

but enough about me

onto the music

there's a lot going on during this show (which was sponsored by a tobacco company)...from the on stage the first unveiling of the song "heart shaped box" an "intoxicated" kurt spitting on tv cameras and trying to destroy stage props and equipment (though you can't see that'll have to go and watch your copy of LIVE! TONIGHT! SOLD OUT!!! do own a copy of that,yeah?...if not..there's this thing called the internet that will allow you to either watch it or perhaps find a copy of it for you)

1 - intro/school
2 - drain you
3 - breed
4 - sliver
5 - in bloom
6 - come as you are
7 - love buzz
8 - formaldehyde
9 - lithium
10 - polly
11 - about a girl
12 - smells like teen spirit
13 - on a plain
14 - negative creep
15 - been a son
16 - blew
17 - heart shaped box
18 - scentless apprentice
19 - sweet emotion jam*
20 - dive
21 - lounge act
22 - aneurysm
23 - territorial pissings

*=an aerosmith "cover"

DL: nirvana@hollywood rock festival 1.23.93

"aneurysm" from this very show


  1. i saw this on tv on the day it happened. great show to see, not so to hear, but...

  2. I think you mean 1.23.93 ;)

  3. hey anonymous...

    maybe i know something you don't

    dun dun dunnnnnn!