Thursday, February 11, 2010

B-Sides: Mark Lanegan - Rare Material Part II

A little while ago I posted a decently sized collection of Mark Lanegan b-sides, and as a recent pleasant surprise someone sent a bunch of tracks that I missed the first time around so I thought I'd share them. (Thanks, Paddy). This contains some great rare songs including my personal favorite Mark Lanegan covers, "All Night Long" and "Death Don't Have No Mercy". I really can't get enough of Lanegan's signature low, bluesy swing so I was stoked to see a couple of tracks I hadn't previously heard on this collection. Enjoy.

1. Black River (w/ Bomb the Bass)
2, Black Out, New Hit (w/ Creature With The Atom Brain)
3. Crawl Like a Dog (w/ Creature With The Atom Brain)
4. Lonely Light (w/Creature With The Atom Brain)

5. All Night Long
6. Cafe
7. Death Don't Have No Mercy
8. Following The Rain
9. Man In The Long Black Coat
10. Slide Machine
11. Free To Walk (w/ Isobel Campbell)
12. Constant Waiting


  1. Glad you like the extra tracks and I must say thanks for the blog about Garcia play Kyuss, would have never know that he was coming to Dublin or that it even existed only that I stumbled upon this looking for Lanegan rarities/b-sides. So have myself and 3 mates heading to that, so thanks again.

  2. No problem! Thanks for the Lanegan tracks and for reading. And, of course, let me know how the John Garcia set is.

  3. Okay so I'm a total control freak, I had to clean up the names and tags on those songs, so while I did that I re-numbered them all in date order and added a few extras that were missing, still missing one which is a cover of Afghan Whigs Tonight.
    Get it here ->

    Here's what the full list looks like
    01-This Vacuum (Steve Fisk).mp3
    02-Johnny Smoke Swamp Thing (Steve Fisk).mp3
    03-Following The Rain.mp3
    04-Feel Like Going Home (The Walkabouts).mp3
    06-Max And Wells (Mike Watt).mp3
    07-One More Valley (Steve Fisk).mp3
    08-I'm Above (Mad Season).mp3
    09-Long Gone Day (Mad Season).mp3
    10-She's Not For You (Willie Nelson Tribute).mp3
    11-Death Dont Have No Mercy.mp3
    12-Slide Machine.mp3
    13-Cripple Creek (Skip Spence Cover).mp3
    14-Rock Dove (Earthlings).mp3
    15-Cafe (Tim Buckley Cover).mp3
    16-Untitled Lullaby.mp3
    17-Hanging Tree (Desert Sessions).mp3
    18-High Noon Amsterdamn (Masters Of Reality).mp3
    19-Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' Bout That Girl (Kinks Cover).mp3
    20-Need One (Martina Topley Bird).mp3
    21-Four Corners (Mondo Generator).mp3
    22-No 9 (Twilight Singers).mp3
    23-Josephine (Here Comes That Weird Chill Outtake).mp3
    24-Blood (Crackers & Honey) (Here Comes That Weird Chill Outtake).mp3
    25-Mud Pink Skag.mp3
    27-Why Does My Head Hurt So (Isobel Campbell).mp3
    28-Taste You (Melissa Auf Der Maur).mp3
    29-Taste You (French Version) (Melissa Auf Der Maur).mp3
    30-Vampire Waltz (Burning Brides).mp3
    31-Autopilot (Nick Oliveri).mp3
    32-Hard Time Killing Floor (Twilight Singers).mp3
    33-All Night Long (Junior Kirr Cover).mp3
    34-Precious And Grace (QOTSA And Billy Gibbons).mp3
    35-Sneakers (Sandra Boynton).mp3
    36-The Party's Over (The Baldwin Brothers).mp3
    37-Live With Me (Twilight Singers).mp3
    38-Flashback (Twilight Singers).mp3
    39-Crawl Like A Dog (Creature With The Atom Brain).mp3
    40-Black Out, New Hit (Creature With The Atom Brain).mp3
    41-Man In The Long Black Coat (Bob Dylan Cover).mp3
    42-Black River (Bomb The Bass).mp3
    43-All His Children Next Of Kin (Gary Heffern).mp3
    44-The Last Time (The Breeders Bob Marley Cover).mp3
    45-Lonely Light (Creature With The Atom Brain).mp3
    46-Free To Walk (Jeffrey Lee Pierce Cover).mp3
    47-Constant Waiting (Jeffrey Lee Pierce Cover).mp3
    48-A Love Supreme - Please Stay (Twilight Singers Live).mp3
    49-Tomorrow Night (Sam Closlow Cover Live).mp3
    50-Into My Arms (Nick Cave Cover Live).mp3

  4. wow.
    Thanks, i have most of them, but i definitely appreciate the effort in ordering and tagging them!!
    excellent job!

  5. Just updated with new Unkle track
    51-Another Night Out (Unkle).mp3

    Get it by itself here ->

  6. Hallo,

    really a great site about a really great artist! I just wanted to inform myself, if the 51 downloads are still availabe. I allways get the result "Oops! (404)
    We can't find the page you're looking for. Check out our FAQ or forums for help. Or maybe you should try heading home." But maybe I just made a mistake.
    Many thanks in advance for an answer!
    Kind regards

  7. Hey, thank you so much for your efforts, guys! I'm a Lanegan addict and I highly appreciated this rare stuff.

  8. p.s. yes, it seems dropbox isn't the best place to post this stuff, I get the same error
    (I forgot to tell I'm Giuseppe, from Italy)

  9. is this still there

  10. can you put songs on youtube so i can download rarities with i really want these songs.

  11. mark lanegan made a song called so long sin city

  12. mark lanegan also made 3 soundtracks for the movie lawless 1. sure nuff yes i do and brimstone 3. white light white heat

  13. i found a mark lanegan rarity called devil in my mind i heard about it from the grungereport heres the youtube link to hear the mark lanegan rarity devil in my mind

  14. reupload, please please please :)

  15. My Gosh, please, re-upload this, for God sake!

  16. can you re-upload the links, please??