Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Album: Bundle of Hiss - "Sessions: 1986 - 88"

For those who aren't familiar, Bundle of Hiss was Kurt Danielson (TAD) and Dan Peter's (Mudhoney) band from way back when. (The fun thing about the heavy music scene in Seattle from the late 80s/90s is that bands were constantly inbreeding and switching members... and I guess that's still happening if you look at bands like VALIS and the Gutter Twins and that "Tadgarden" incident.)

Bundle of Hiss never really released an album and "Sessions: 1986 - 88" is a compilation of their master tapes that were remastered - actually this is, regrettably, their entire available discography. I recently contacted Kurt Danielson to ask about the availability of some live recordings or anything else really that may be available from Bundle of Hiss and was told that they do exist but nobody in the band has a copy. If i ever get my hands on anything else of theirs I will post it immediatly, but for now here's "Sessions: 1986 - 88".

1. Swamp
2. Sleep No More
3. Amphetamine
4. White
5. Drown
6. What Dreams May Come
7. Rabies
8. Strobe
9. 12 Gauge
10. Hank n Doris
11. Fire Place
12. Ash Wednesday
13. Metamorphosis / After Image
14. Push
15. Apostasy

Also, I just feel like I should say something about the elephant in "the room" aka the below pictures. All i have to say is enjoy them ... and now you won't be able to look at Buzzo or Kim Thayil the same way again. It's all in a day's work. That is all.


  1. Hey,

    How about reuploading this on rapidshare or something? I can't use Megaupload :(...

    i´m from Brazil, i would never get in touch with this material if wasn´t from yr blog reseach, thank you
    i play guitar in some bands here, check it out i think you could find some influence of this shit here too.. bye, and thank you again.

  3. i know handfull of grung bands but am still looking for more awesome grung bands