Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Demo: Ufomammut - "Satan"

Think of Black Sabbath... now imagine them getting sent to hell and ready to play their music for the people with a new demonic, other worldly vengeance and from underneath miles of earth and dirt. That's something like what Ufomammut sounds like in my (maybe slightly overactive) imagination. If this is something that intrigues you, here's their first release, a demo simply and effectively titled "Satan". This is just a taste compared to what Ufomammut's actual albums give up in terms of crushing, sludge buried, metallic heaviness but you have to keep in mind while listening to this that this is a demo. Considering this fact these songs not only deliver, they really, really deliver; opening with the absolutely sonically crushing title track "Satan" and plowing through four more songs before getting to a surprisingly Led Zeppelin-esque, chilled out finisher titled "Peace of Mind". Listen and enjoy!

1. Satan
2. Snake
3. Oscillator
4. Nowhere
5. Superjunkhead
6. Peace of Mind

DL: "Satan Demo"


  1. Never heard them before this. AWESOME!

  2. FANTASTIC! Thanks for posting this demo. Fekkin love Ufomammut!!