Sunday, March 14, 2010

Live Recording: Tomahawk - "Live in Stockholm 2002"

Remember when I uploaded that live Killdozer recording and said that they were one of a handful of bands that I enjoy listening to live recordings from? Well, Tomahawk is definitely included in that handful. (Have you seen that infamous video of Mike Patton singing through a respirator? Badass.) This is a radio bootleg from 2002 of Tomahawk live in Stockholm, which fortunately includes mostly songs from their brilliant self titled album, a handful of tracks from Mit Gas and even a Frank Sinatra cover. Enough said.

1. Jockstrap
2. 101 North
3. POP 1
4. Harelip
5. Sir Yes Sir
6. Honeymoon
7. Flashback
8. Mayday
9. God Hates A Coward
10. Laredo
11. In Every Dreamhome
12. Point And Click
13. Angel Eyes (Frank Sinatra Cover)

**I'm going to keep using megaupload for now becuase mediafire has been giving me some issues... dont hate.

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