Saturday, March 20, 2010

Single: God Bullies - "How Low Can You Go? / Ruby (Desert Storm Mix)"

Well I've covered a decent amount of God Bullies in these pages so I don't think a long description of this is needed. (Not only that but the art on this single sums up the wierd insanity of it quite nicely.) All in all this single is a proverbial barrel-full of messy fun, the first track being a catchy, subtley sinister tune called "How Low Can You Go?" and the second being a take of Kenny Rogers' "Ruby" that only the God Bullies could dream up. This was released in 1992 by AmRep.

While I'm on the topic of the God Bullies, it seems that one of the tracks on the version of "Plastic Eye Miracle" that I uploaded is corrupted but I can't find it elsewhere. (Sorry.) Maybe someone will be kind enough to upload that bad boy and send it my way. But anyways.. Enjoy!

1. How Low Can You Go?
2. Ruby (Desert Storm Mix) (Kenny Rogers)

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