Sunday, March 21, 2010

Album: Josh Homme - The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

released 2002

you know of josh homme...he of kyuss/queens of the stone age/backdoor "pleasures" fame

he's littered all over this blog

this was his contribution to a movie called THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS (in case you already hadn't put that together for yourself)

5 songs
4 instrumentals

he's accompanied by fellow kyuss/qotsa member nick oliveri on bass and rage against the machine drummer brad wilk

not only should you check this album should also track the movie down

and you'll do both of those things because i told you to

have i ever steered you wrong before? yeah..suggesting that you buy underwear and a garage sale was a dumb idea...but i didn't think you'd actually do it

DL: the dangerous lives of altar boys

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  1. Whoa, def gonna check it out! Won't be better than Highway but!