Saturday, March 6, 2010

Album: Night Horse - "The Dark Won't Hide You"

This is Night Horse's debut album from 2008 called "The Dark Won't Hide You". I was absolutely obsessed with this album when I discovered it a last year and still am really into it. Night Horse is just one of a bunch of bands coming out of Tee Pee records that seems to embody the non-stop, psychedelic, blues-laced sound of 70's rock n' roll oh so well. This album is just a catchy, dirty, furiously rocking good time and since it's a Saturday evening you should give it a play while doing something fun. (And if you really want to play into the 70's rock spirit you can put on an all denim ensemble and listen to it while doing hard drugs in the back of a VW van or something.)

Oh, and even though the name Night Horse perfectly suits the steady rolling, dark spirit of this band really well their original name was actually "The Motherfucking Razorbacks," as coined by Lemmy... and come on, can you really get anymore rock n roll than that? Well maybe only if you combine it with the above VW van scenario.

1. Don't Need Your Lovin'
2. The Dark Won't Hide You
3. Wicked Love
4. Shine on Me
5. Worried Life Blues
6. For You (Greg's Lament)
7. Heart and Soul (Bonus Track)


  1. Zip file is corrupted on this one too. Please fix!

  2. actually, I found it here for anyone interested:

  3. thanks for pointing that out - looks like we need to get shit together with some zip files.

    And another thanks for posting that link!