Monday, March 29, 2010

Album: Graveyard - "Graveyard"

This is "Graveyard" by Graveyard - a really well done, bluesy, psychedelic rock n roll album with a killer groove; in fact, you would think this album came straight from the glory days of the 70's if the release date wasn't 2007. I initially bought this on vinyl when it came out without hearing it first, which is something I rarely do, but I really dug the dark last supper album art and it was released on Tee Pee so I assumed it would be good. And it is. This is why Tee Pee is quickly becoming one of my favorite record labels... and who knows, maybe it would be my favorite if they wouldn't short my orders and not reply to any of my many e-mails about it. But personal beefs with the label aside, they seem to be really steadily great with their releases. (With the possible exception of the new Priestess album, but I haven't heard it yet and probably won't bother.)

Since I am now getting violently off track, here's the actual album. ...and seriously, did I mention how incredible the groove is?

1. Evil Ways
2. Thin Line
3. Lost in Confusion
4. Don't Take Us For Fools
5. Blue Soul
6. Submarine Blues
7. As the Years Pass By, the Hours Bend
8. Right Is Wrong
9. Satan's Finest


  1. hell yeah!
    i've been searchin for this album for such a long time!!! thanks !!!!

  2. the new priestess is good