Monday, March 8, 2010

Live Recording: Killdozer - "The Last Waltz"

"I'm taking off my tie becuase its casual day, dress down day, here at the office..."

This is "The Last Waltz", which is a live recording from Killdozer's (supposed) last show in 1996. I recieved this bad boy on red vinyl in the mail today and now am more than happy to share becuase Killdozer is one of a handful of bands that I actually love listening to live recordings from. This is a great quality recording and you get all the gritty, catchy, heaviness of this band, the brilliantly hilarious lyrics and the comedy of Michael Gerald all wrapped up in a nice little package. So sit back, relax and enjoy the live Killdozer experience.

1. Porky's Dad
2. The Nobbies
3. Man of Meat
4. I've Seen Grown Men Cry
5. A Mother's Road
6. Space: 1999
7. Richard
8. An Xmas Song
9. Knuckles the Dog
10. Cannonball Run III '97
11. Mama's Boy
12. Way Down in Old Alabama
13. Song For Grand Forks

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