Sunday, March 28, 2010

Split: The Hidden Hand / Wooly Mammoth - "Night Letters"

Wooly Mammoth are newcomers to the heavy rock scene compared to (yet another project of Wino) the Hidden Hand, but these two bands go head to head in this split with 4 ragingly catchy songs. The Hidden Hand tracks contain some typical Wino style riffing with a bit more of a jazzy psychedelic edge, and the Wooly Mammoth tracks don't stray much from the trail blazed by the Hidden Hand as they finish the split off with a couple of insanely well done heavy rock songs. All in all this split is toe tappingly heavy and fuzzed out with a mystical touch of psychedelia.

1. Five Points (The Hidden Hand)
2. Welcome to Sunshine (The Hidden Hand)
3. The Prophet (Wooly Mammoth)
4. Mastercut + Charisma (Wooly Mammoth)

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