Monday, March 15, 2010

Split: Earthless / Witch

On my way home today I was thinking about how surprisingly awesome the Volcom vinyl club is (yeah... the things I think about on a daily basis....) and what a pleasant surprise it is that they put out singles from the likes of Kandi Coded and Harvey Milk. They've put out a bunch of cool splits and since I couldn't stop at just thinking about it i'm now prompted to post this split single from Earthless and Witch. These are two psychedelic, heavy riffing bands from Tee Pee records that are so perfectly suited for a split together that if this didn't exist you would probably wonder why they didn't have one. Like most well done psychedelia these songs are cosmically dizzying and will go to your head faster than that beer your dad gave you when you were 14. Enjoy!

1. Can't Help Doin' Wrong (Witch)
2. Jull (Earthless)

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