Saturday, April 10, 2010

Album: Fu Manchu - "In Search Of"

Want something fun to listen to this Saturday night? Look no further! This is "In Search Of" by Fu Manchu - completely fuzzed out, spaced out, out of sight rock n roll. This album rolls along with an incredible groove and chilled out vibes as it takes you on a psychedelic journey through riffs, riffs and more amazing riffs. This album is infectiously catchy and cosmically hypnotizing... plus it's a goddamn Fu Manchu release which should be reason enough to listen right there.

1. Regal Begal
2. Missing Link
3. Asphalt Risin'
4. Redline
5. Cyclone Launch
6. Strato-Streak
7. Solid Hex
8. The Falcon Has Landed
9. Seahag
10. The Bargain
11. Supershooter

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