Thursday, April 22, 2010

Demo: Screaming Trees - Demos for Unreleased Album

Here are the last songs ever recorded by the Screaming Trees - some demos they recorded in 1998 for an album that was never released. These demos are really, really well done and well written songs, and I would say this is proof that the Screaming Trees disbanded too soon if the ex-members of this band didn't go off to do such incredible things. I also just realised how much Screaming Trees related material I post here, and I swear most if it is due to Steven e-mailing it to me. Needless to say these e-mails are very appreciated and I'm sure the Screaming Trees extravaganza around here won't stop with this. Enjoy.

1. Ash Grey Sunday
2. Tomorrow Changes
3. One Way Conversation
4. Low Life
5. Anita Grey
6. Crawl Space
7. Revelator
8. Anita Grey (alternate version)


  1. Dude, your blog is amazing!
    Great stuff all over it.

    Adding you in my favorites!

    cheers from Brazil


  2. Thanks, Vinnie! I linked your blog here as well. Looking good.