Friday, April 2, 2010

Megapost: Snakepit Discography

Okay, so this post isn't really that "mega" since this discography consists of 5 songs... and before you start thinking that I'm posting a Slash project, let me introduce Snakepit as yet another one of those inbred Seattle groups that didn't last very long. This was a project of Joe Preston and Mike Johnson before they graced Dinosaur Jr or the Melvins and obviously is intriguing for that reason alone - it's worth a listen for anyone who's into the whole late 80's early 90's Seattle scene, but don't expect it to blow you away. My advice is... give it a listen, take it for what it is, then put on a Melvins album.

This was sent over by the guy who seems to be my source on elusive Seattle projects, Steven. Gotta give a big thanks to him for this and all the other singles he's sent over!

1. Wait
2. Susanville
3. Disease

1. Waste
2. Million


  1. Snakepit was actually from Eugene, Oregon not Seattle. They also released two full length cassettes prior to these singles and recorded an unreleased album.

  2. Great to find these fantastic Eps here ! Whoever has their tapes and maybe a tape of the unreleased Lp, please post the files here !

  3. I've got both tapes, the unreleased LP and a bunch of other unreleased recordings but unfortunately I've learned the band doesn't want any of their stuff on the internet. They'd probably ask the host of this blog to remove these files if they knew about the post.

  4. I live in Eugene and would love to hear the cassettes and unreleased LP. Long before my time.
    send me an email if we could work that out somehow: alleywaykidatgmaildotcom thanks!

  5. jut to let you know there is an amazing amount more Snakepit recorded over at The Soul Like a Goat cassette and Unreleased Gung-Ho Demos are excellent